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Venue Management & Crowd Control

Venue Management

Fields Group Security has been supplying security personnel to licensed venues in Australia for over 5 years providing guards to numerous licensed venues. This means we have an enormous number of employees enabling us to provide you with the team that best suits your venue at all times.

Our experience extends to assignments for sporting events and large concerts. The staff who work for Fields Group Security have to meet our high standards and not only comply with industry criteria, but must complete additional courses in customer service and conflict management to be able to provide the best possible service levels.

For Functions, Concerts, Parties, & Events

Crowd control management for parties and events is a crucial and highly specialised service. Fields Group Security crowd control provides the perfect balance of robust security presence and discretion. After all, everybody is there to have a good time. But that's where the problems usually begin because sometimes there are...

Guest Lists

Managing guest arrivals is a key task of security crowd control. It takes just minutes for unwanted intruders to turn your event into a disaster, doing thousands of dollars in damage and putting people at personal risk. Fields Group Security crowd control management, safe-guards guests and property by monitoring entry and exit points, logging guests, and removing unwanted persons quickly and quietly.

Alcohol Management

Crowd control management is critical whenever alcohol is served. The nicest people become unpredictable with too much alcohol. And as the host you may be liable for issues relating to the enforcement of liquor licensing laws including I.D. checks, responsible service of alcohol, and care for intoxicated guests. Fields Group Security crowd control officers intercept potential problems discretely so your event can continue unaffected.