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Mobile Patrols

Fields Group has a fleet of Patrol Officers and vehicles who perform countless patrols each and every day! Fields Group aims to provide a consistent service to our clients with additional resources available to meet surge requirements. Patrol Officers perform regular non predictive patrols ensuring the maximum risk prevention impact.

We have a true mobile patrol footprint with local Companies and communities. We provide patrol protection to:

  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Commercial Offices
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Retail Precincts
  • Residential Areas

Our clients range from small business through to large businesses, local, state and federal governments and public authorities as well as community groups and private individuals. We have the experience, intelligence and care factor to provide the exact security service for your specific requirements.

For further protection, and to achieve value for money in the long run, we can provide you a daily lock-up service. This decreases the chance of your alarm wrongfully triggering, saving you money on a call-out fee. Many false alarms often happen when a staff member forgets to lock a door or window or set the onsite alarm incorrectly.