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Quality Assurance Policy

Although we are not quality assured, we embrace the same ethos as a quality assured company. We have computerised systems that track our service, program, costs, contract variations and material controls.

We have a maintenance management system that provides details of completed works, outstanding works and the priority status of these jobs. We have a prompt response system and an understanding that service to our client is a major ingredient to the success of our company.

Our Managers and/or Supervisors regularly attend site two or more times a week, in order to ensure the Contract is being completed as per the Clients requirements. They will work together with the Principal / Superintendents Representative to resolve any conflicts/issues or to provide any additional information required.

Our Contracts Manager will also visit the site once per month as a minimum and will contact the Principal / Superintendents Representative to ensure that all works are running smoothly and to the high standard we promise to deliver.

Policy Rationale

To establish a policy that aligns Fields Group's performance management systems and practices with the principles of the Australian Business Excellence Framework. The aim of this policy is to embrace a proven business improvement model that fosters good management practice and progresses the organisation toward "Best Practice" in the provision of services to the community.

The Policy

Fields Group's organisational leadership is to ensure that all performance management systems and practices are aligned to the twelve principles of the Australian Business Excellence Framework which are described as follows:

  1. Clear direction allows organisational alignment and a focus on the achievement of goals.
  2. Mutually agreed plans translate organisational direction, strategy and action.
  3. Understanding what customers value, now and in the future, influences organisational direction, strategy and action.
  4. To improve the outcome, improve the system and its associated processes.
  5. The potential of an organisation is realised through its people's enthusiasm, resourcefulness and participation.
  6. Continual improvement and innovation depend on continual learning.
  7. All people work in a system; outcomes are improved when people work on a system.
  8. Effective use of facts, data and knowledge leads to improved decisions.
  9. All systems and processes exhibit variability, which impacts on predictability and performance.
  10. Organisations provide value to the community through their actions to ensure a clean, safe, fair and prosperous society.
  11. Sustainability is determined by an organisation's ability to create and deliver value for all stakeholders.
  12. Senior leadership's constant role modelling of these principles and their creation of a supportive environment to live these principles are necessary for the organisation to reach its true potential.