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Fields Group is Australia's security intelligence expert. Fields Group's role is to identify and deter threats to the security and safety, wherever they arise, and to provide advice to protect our client's assets, its people and its interests.

Our commitment to quality in a highly price-competitive field has served us well and our Client retention rate is reflective of our commitment to long-term business relationships. Fields Group strive to provide a quality service to each and every client so that our service becomes an integral and valuable part of their business. We undertake to create partnerships that are both world class and cost effective.

From day one, we have been determined to build a niche market within the business community by providing quality people and a well-managed service every day to every Client. We are committed to providing you with the highest possible standards in both service and product. It is for this reason that we invest heavily in training and skills development whilst providing the best innovations & equipment to both our people and Client's. We have a huge responsibility to our Client's! They rely on us to protect their property, personnel and reputation and we repay their trust with a security service that is cost effective, value added and guaranteed.

As the corporate world enters into a new era where the type of threats against businesses are increasing not only in frequency but also in consequence, we will continue to focus our efforts on effective, innovative measures and tactics, developed in conjunction with our Clients to manage these ongoing risks.

Under my guidance Fields Group will remain a shining light of stability and responsibility for our customers. As modern management techniques are incorporated and new customers join with current clients, the road ahead for Fields Group looks very promising.

I encourage you to explore our website to understand how Fields Group delivers a critical service to Australia's national security.


Shane Fields